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How Important is Web Hosting for your Business

What Makes Great Web Hosting Services

Many small businesses often make the mistake of choosing bad web hosts. Perhaps one reason for this is that most of them think that it doesn’t matter and it won’t affect their income. Actually, it is quite the opposite. Here are some reasons to consider great website hosting services:

Prevent potential loss of revenue.

One advantage to having having good hosting is that you can avoid frequent downtimes. When your site is down and unavailable, your potential customers wont be able to find your site and learn about your products and services. If you’re running an e-commerce site or an online store, the effects could be more detrimental as the downtime is preventing customers from buying anything from you.

By selecting a great web host, you can help minimise the risk of experiencing technical issues that will cause your site to go offline. Redback offer a 100% uptime guarantee for our Premium WordPress Hosting Service.

Protect your search ranking.

The main objective of SEO (search engine optimisation), is to ensure that your site will rank high in search results so potential customers can find you. If your website is often experiencing technical issues, or is down frequently, Google’s search spiders won’t be able to access and crawl your site. As a result, your search ranking will suffer. Even if your website doesn’t experience frequent downtimes, but loading times are slow, it’s very likely that your search rankings will also be affected negatively.

Web hosting from a great supplier helps you rank higher. Search engines, particularly Google, use site loading times and availability as a ranking signal, having an excellent hosting service that can help you with these issues is an advantage.

Better protection and security

There is no magic pill that will make your site invincible against viruses, hackers, and malware attacks. In fact, even the biggest and most popular websites get attacked from time to time. However, choosing a reliable hosting company can go a long way towards protecting your site from potential attacks. Your hosting provider should be able to provide you with technical support, protection and help you solve security issues in case your site gets hacked. And more importantly, they will be able to create a backup of your data, thus, making it easier for you to restore your site after an attack.

website hostingAvoid Off Shore Hosting Companies

These days, there are many companies offering a wide range of hosting services that meet the different needs of a business. But if you are going to get a hosting service, make sure you avoid a hosting company that is based abroad. Sure, their services might seem cheaper, but  they come with a myriad of problems, some of which are discussed below:

Support Issues

If your web hosting and domain service provider is based on the other side of the world, it can present a problem if your site is having technical issues. There is nothing like an Australian Technical Support Desk. Our team understand your needs far better than someone from another country, and if you ever have issues, we’ll fix it straight away. Don’t wait for your ticket to pop up in the queue. Time is money in Australia so you need to demand the best service.

Slow Server

The physical location of a server can affect how fast it can load a particular webpage or website for you. If you go for an offshore hosting company, it is very likely that your web visitors will experience slower loading times, which will affect not only your search ranking (as discussed earlier), but user experience, as well. Therefore, if you are an Australian business and you’re targeting locally based customers, then it makes perfect sense to choose an Australian web host to ensure reliability and fast loading times.

Bad Business Image

If your website is suffering from downtimes and it takes a while before your offshore web host can fix it, not only will it affect your profit potential, it can also affect the image of your business. This spells bad news for the future of your company as it can impede with the growth and development of your business.

Shared Server Resources

Most of the off shore hosting companies offer discounted rates simply because your website will be stored on a server that has maybe 200,000 other sites on it. All for these sites utilise the servers resources at the same time, effecting the speed and deliverability of your website.

While it may seem that offshore web hosting services are a cheaper alternative, when you consider the exchange rate, bank fees and foreign currency exchange charges it may not be the case. Therefore, the best website hosting for small business is still the one offered by a local company. With the proximity of their servers and their business hours similar to yours, you can avoid hosting problems and issues that can affect the image and profit potential of your company.

Contact Us today and we will help you evaluate your current hosting requirements and give you free expert advice on how to improve your current situation.

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