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What is Social Media Optimisation?

Social Media Optimisation - Social Media MarketingSocial Media Optimisation or Social Media Marketing is the process utilising the various social media networks and platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Linkedin to market a businesses products or services and to keep your business in the constant mind of your customers.

Redback Web Solutions Social Media Optimisation campaigns will increases awareness about your business, brand, product or service; as well as increasing the engagement with your target audience and customers, in order to generate more leads, prospects and purchases.

Why Commence a Social Media Marketing Campaign?Social Media Marketing Brisbane

Social Media is a fast growing space in online marketing, and as more and more people connect with each other globally, they communicate and share thoughts and feelings about businesses, brands, products and services through status messages, likes, tweets, links, photos, and videos.

Choosing Redback Web Solutions for your Social Media Marketing will launch you forward into the social circles of people who matter to your business.

Social Media Optimisation is a labour intensive online marketing effort requiring expertise and manpower. It is a rather long term effort and requires everyday tasks to reach a critical mass of fans, followers, and connections, to achieve a high-growth momentum.

Improve Your Social Media Marketing Tactics

Free Marketing ConsultationDon’t expect instant results. But rather expect results to pick-up steadily as your content and connections build up over time.

Commencing Social Media Optimisation without the assistance of Redback Web Solutions, or organising, training and monitoring a team to do it in-house will be very time-consuming, taking away time from your core activities.  If you leave it to us we’ll take care of all of your Social Media Marketing needs. After all … We are the Experts.

Get your Free Web Marketing Consultation (Valued at $97) by clicking on the Free Consultation Box or by Phoning us on 1300 768 100.

It doesnt matter if you are in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne or any regional area in Australia, or even the world for that matter, Redback Web Solutions will provide you a first class, cost effective Social Media Marketing Service.

Social Media Optimisation ExpertsGoogle+ Marketing

To increase your online visibility, we will create a Google+ Personal Profile and a Google+ Business Page for your company or brand so that you can promote your products or services and share information, links, photos, and videos. To improve your search results and establish your credibility, we add your company name or brand name, business information, your location, contact details, pictures and videos on your profile.

We will regularly update your Google+ Business Page with relevant information such as latest events, specials and promos increasing the chance of driving people to your website, and in turn improving your search engine rankings. In addition, we post links to pages explaining your products or services so that you can entice your visitors to look them up and consider your offers in their buying decisions.

Facebook Marketing

Our initial work will cover creation and optimisation of your profile; customisation of your Facebook profile banner; sourcing, editing, resizing, and customising of your banner image. We make sure that the information contained in your profile such as your name, address and contact details are accurate and updated so that new customers can contact you.

We will then optimise your Facebook business page so that you can directly interact and get feedback from your current and potential customers. We will regularly update your page with announcements about upcoming events, sales and promos bringing traffic to your website. We market your page to increase likes and create lists of potential new customers, who can see he information about your business and your brand to encourage further interaction and potential sales.

Twitter Marketing

We begin by creating your Twitter profile with your desired name and accurate information about your location and contact details. In the ‘about us’ section, we will write branded content to give current and potential customers a proper preview of your company and your products or services. For optimisation purposes, we will insert target keywords in the content and make sure it is consistent with how the brand is displayed on other channels.

We will then customise your Twitter background and make it visually appealing but staying consistent with your company and brand image. We keep your account actively working with regular tweets and real-time updates. We build links to your website into tweets so you can generate traffic to your website. Lastly, we will continuously acquire followers and make sure that any tweets we publish will appear on a follower’s feed.

Linkedlin Marketing

We will start building your professional profile incorporating the target keywords in the branded content that we will post on your Linkedin page with particular attention to the ‘about us’ section, and accurate information regarding your location and contact details. Here, current and prospective customers will have a preview of your company and your products or services.

We will regularly monitor and update your profile to ensure that your Linkedin profile has credibility and an active presence in this professional social network. We will incorporate links into updates to generate traffic to your site. We place back links in comments to increase chances for your website to get hits and conversions.

We initiate topics and participate in various discussions that are related to your company’s niche particularly on Linkedin Groups. This is especially beneficial if you want to be established as an industry authority. We will win over as many connections as possible and make sure that your updates and posts appear on their Linkedin home page.


The quality of the reviews and feedback we receive shows the quality of our service.

Every aspect of our business is built around making the customer number 1, and achieving the results we promise them.

Have a look at what some of our clients have to say about Redback’s Marketing Team.

We engaged Redback Web Solutions to assist us to integrate social media into our sales and marketing strategy. Their focus and smart approach captured our needs and Redback tailored a cost effective solution that we implemented and it is showing some great results. I couldn’t recommend the Redback team highly enough. Their effective and practical social media strategy worked for us and has made a measurable difference to our business.

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Donna Marklew Bay Gallery

Steve and the Redback Web Solutions team have done amazing work in establishing our company’s digital marketing strategy. The creativeness and concepts they brought were outstanding. Redback take their profession very seriously but their personable approach made our working relationship very enjoyable.

Social Media Marketing - image smo3 on https://www.redbackwebs.com.au
Nick Clements Urban Group

Redback helped us make the redevelopment of our website and implementation of a marketing plan much easier. They helped us formulate an approach that guided us through the project after actively listening to staff and stakeholders. We truly enjoyed working with them. They were supportive, proactive and knowledgeable.

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Paulene Mulhall Ice Box Australia

I’m so happy with the service and support from Redback. Questions regarding billing, sales or support are always answered promptly, and the tech support is just fantastic. Our website and online store has been live now for almost 12 month without any downtime at all. Very impressive.

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Brianna Noonan Street Factor


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