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Social Media Tip

social media tipHave a Strong Theme for Your Page

Focus on one theme and that is it. If you are in the business of selling cars for example, your Social Media Pages should be all about cars. Do not go out of point by posting irrelevant things. Also make sure your profile picture as well as your cover page is simple, straightforward and about your theme.





Search Engine Optimisation Tip

SEO TipGet Quality Links to Your Website

This isn’t so much to get people clicking through from those sites, but because having this link gives your website more credibility in Google’s eyes. The higher the quality of the site that links to yours, the better.

In our SEO work we often create a detailed list of sites that clients can then get listings/links on, or some clients like us to get the links for them too.

But here are a few ideas to get you going:
Business Directories (True Local, Hotfrog)
Social Media Sites (Linked In, Pinterest, YouTube)
Directories for your particular industry (Eatbility, TripAdvisor, XYZ Association)
Local directories (Berry.org.au, South Coast Local)
Local blogs, industry blogs, websites of complementary businesses, suppliers or colleagues, friends’ and family websites… the list goes on!


Email Marketing Tip

Email TipUse Email Campaigns as Dialogue

Many marketers follow the “batch and blast” method of email campaigns. This achieves the objective of sending out emails, but it often doesn’t begin a dialogue with your audience.
Look to extend the conversation by listening, adding relevant value, and engaging prospects with meaningful communication via email marketing campaigns.
Ask for their participation and always include social share buttons to encourage your audience to continue the conversation on social channels.


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