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Redback Web Solutions Marketing Tips

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Social Media Marketing Tips

social media tipUnderstanding The Purpose of Social Media Marketing

We need to be very clear of what is our purpose when we market our brands on Social Media Sites.
For business, generally, we want to see an increase in sales turnover from our page reach. Sometimes, when businesses ask us how to increase the number of Facebook likes, we would usually ask them back, “why do you want to increase the number of Facebook likes?.”
Most of them would simply give us the answer, “well, if my page likes increases, my brand would be more popular.”
Sad to say, this is not a very strong purpose. We need to be very specific in
what we want to get from our Social Media Campaigns; for example what is the exact amount of sales you want to achieve and by when (what date) you want to see the achievement?




Search Engine Optimisation Tip

SEO TipsIdentifying Your Keywords

Keywords are the words or phrases people type into a search engine when looking for products or services like yours.
You can utilise Google Adwords tools for this, but they aren’t intuitive for most people.
Our recommendation is to either pay a pro (it could take as little as an hour for them to do some quality keyword research and put  together a summary for you) OR as a poor man’s alternative do an informal survey of your friends, family and customers to understand what words they would search with.
Keyword Research is included free as part of every Search Engine Optimisation and Website Audit Report service at Redback Web Solutions.
Sprinkle these ‘keywords’ into your website in various strategic locations. Check out the article in this newsletter about Articles and Keywords for SEO for more information.



Email Marketing Tip

Marketing TipsEvolve Past Click Through Rates

Standard metrics are important, but evolve beyond just statistics by exploring all the information available. Pay attention to things like where prospects went on the website, the number of visits, visit frequency, social sharing, and how you can segment them based on their behaviors.
You want to make sure that you are measuring engagement in addition to traditional methods.
For help getting started with an email campaign, contact Redback Web Solutions on Ph: 1300 768 100

We hope you have enjoyed this months marketing tips, and make sure you put them to use in your business without delay.

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