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Redback Web Solutions – Facebook Marketing Tips

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Social Media – Facebook Marketing Tips

Facebook Marketing TipsTarget the Right Prospects with Facebook Advertising

This months Facebook Marketing Tips advise that one of the fastest ways to get good quality Facebook users to like your page is to advertise your brand page using Facebook Advertising platform. With Facebook advertising, you could target the prospects based on their age, marital status and interests. Say if you are a real estate salesman and your targeted audience is mostly home owners. Then, you can target, engaged and married couples or even people in a relationship who are in the age between say, 26 to 40 year old.
This group of people have the buying power and also a higher possibility in buying your products in the future.
A local golf retailer can use Facebook advertising to target Facebook users living in the region what have the interests in golfing.




Search Engine Optimisation Tip

seo marketingHave a Page on Your Site Dedicated to Each Keyword

Once you have an idea of your keywords (Tip #2), try to make sure you have a page on your website dedicated to each.

For example if you run a cafe which also makes birthday cakes, your keywords might be ‘cafe/s in Brisbane’, ‘birthday cakes Brisbane’. You would have one page focused on the cafe side of things, and another focused on the birthday cakes service. The main title on each page should incorporate the keyword – e.g. ‘Home-made and decorated birthday cakes in Brisbane’ – and it should be mentioned again in the written content on the page.

To tie in with your Facebook Marketing, make sure the keywords are linked from your Facebook updates back to the relevant page on your site.


Email Marketing Tip

Email Marketing TipsSegmentation

Consider combining the standard segmentation criteria with behavioural data to create more complex segmentation strategies. Look at data including: who opened the email, whether they downloaded the offer, the length of time they spent on the website, and what they downloaded while they were on the site.

Once you have a better idea of what your different segments find interesting, you can make sure your offers are more customised to fit their needs.

Facebook can be utilised to have customers sign up for your offers using their Facebook Email account.

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We hope you have enjoyed this months tips specifically looking at Facebook Marketing Tips, and make sure you put them to use in your business without delay.

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