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What is Remarketing?

Remarketing (also known as retargeting) is an advertising method introduced by Google that allows you to serve tailored advertisements to people who have visited your site. This method gives your prospects another chance to buy a product they have shown some interest in – even after leaving your website.

Google AdWords Remarketing has been likened to an email marketing list because in essence they both target warm traffic, as opposed to cold traffic. In list marketing, the marketer sends emails to subscribers, or people who have interest by subscribing to the mailing list. In Remarketing, advertisements are displayed to an “audience” that has displayed interest by visiting your website.

Why Engage in AdWords Remarketing?

With remarketing, you can tailor your ads based on your visitors’ behaviour determined by the pages they visited. For example, people who abandoned the shopping cart can be grouped into one list of ‘audience’. Visitors who viewed a product page but did not buy can also be classified into one group. Visitors who bought your product may be tagged as buyers, giving you an opportunity to serve them complementary products or additional services that are related to their purchase. And for those who haven’t completed a conversion, you can ignite their interest through banner ads displayed to them and make them come back to your website to complete the conversion.

With Google AdWords Remarketing, you can target prospects in the Google Display Network, a group of over two million websites that display ads.

High Visibility
Your ads will be all over the place. You will look like a big advertiser, an established company, to your web visitors.


You only get charged for clicks, while you could virtually get thousands or millions of impressions (free branding).

Branding & Recall
Your positive ad messages will long be identified with you and will also help people remember your brand easily.

Free traffic
Due to high visibility, branding and recall, those who saw your remarketing ads may just as well type your URL directly, or Google your brand name, which avoids the cost that will incur when someone clicks on your ads.

How Big is the Google Display Network?

Google Display Network (GDN) is the world’s largest display advertising network, which includes Google properties YouTube, Blogger, Gmail, and 2 million other websites like USA Today and New York Times (comScore)

The Google Display Network serves 180 billion impressions each month or about 6 billion a day impressions. (comScore)

Google display network reaches 90% of global Internet users. (Google Benchmarks and Insights)

According to Google: “99% of our top 1,000 clients are now running campaigns on the Google Display Network and YouTube.”
(Google Benchmarks and Insights)

The average click-through rate of an ad on the Google Display Network is 0.4% — four times as high as the average banner ad in the US and almost ten times as high as a Facebook ad. (WordStream)

Branding Benefits

The Effect of Impressions in the Subconscious Mind of your Viewers

While banner ad impressions do not necessarily translate to clicks, a study made by the International Journal of Electronic Commerce in 2012 says:

“The ad was unconsciously processed and did influence attitudes toward the brand… that even if a user does not consciously notice a banner ad, the user’s attitude toward the brand is influenced.” — International Journal of Electronic Commerce


In a study by Nielsen, they examined how exposure to Internet ad campaigns influenced brand measures such as ad recall and likeability, and whether the consumer said they were more likely to purchase the product after viewing the ad. The analysis showed that online ads do, on average, succeed in influencing brand engagement and opinion, particularly for ad recall and message association. However, the degree of positive brand impact largely depends on the strength of the ad itself.

How AdWords Remarketing Works?

Remarketing works by targeting people who have been to your website. A remarketing tag, which is a snippet of code, is installed in all pages of your website.

Through the remarketing code, a cookie is dropped on the user’s browser whenever the user visits any page of your website. We create lists using rules based on pages or sections of your site that people visit.  Categorising visitors by creating more refined lists allows for better tailoring of yours ads and setting bids to optimise performance.

When the user leaves your website and visits other websites within the Google Display Network, the cookie alerts Google AdWords and will then display the tailored banner ad to the visitor.

The AdWords Remarketing Process:

  1. Sitewide Installation of Remarketing Code
  2. User Visits Pages in your Website
  3. Code Drops Cookie to User’s Browser
  4. User Visits a Site Within the Display Network
  5. Cookie Alerts AdWords
  6. AdWords Displays Tailored Ad to User


What Are Your Competitors Doing?


Businesses make an average of $2 in revenue for every $1 they spend on AdWords (Google Economic Impact Report)

  • The finance and insurance industry spent $4 billion on AdWords in 2011 (Search Engine Watch)
  • Amazon spent an estimated $55.2 million on AdWords advertising in 2011 (WordStream)
  • Yankee Candle Company said remarketing allowed it to increase conversion rates by 600% while cutting cost per conversion in half. (AdWords Blog)
  • Lenovo PC reported a 20% increase in sales and a 14% drop in overall expense-to-revenue ratio in a campaign that included remarketing and display across multiple networks. (AdWords Blog)
  • Online towing parts retailer etrailer.com said remarketing doubled their click-through-rates and brought down their cost-per-click by 75% compared to their typical display advertising campaigns. (AdWords Blog)

With an average ROI this good, and with big brands like Amazon leading the way, you can expect your toughest competitors follow suite and focus their online efforts on Google AdWords PPC Search and Remarketing in general.

Why Choose Us?

Choosing us will enable you to forget about the steep learning curve you and your staff will face when you learn about remarketing. We deeply know PPC advertising, especially remarketing, so we can take care of it for you. You do not need to stress yourself out with having to study highly technical skills needed to run a PPC campaign successfully. You can focus on building and running your business while we do the job of increasing your leads and customers through remarketing. We want prospects to go back to your site and this time, buy your products and services.

We know your niche and your category that’s why we can quickly propose a remarketing strategy. That doesn’t mean we don’t need your help. We will conduct and in-depth consultation with you to further understand your business and what you wish to accomplish with retargeting.

In-Depth Consultation

We can quickly move in and propose a remarketing campaign for your website. But no one knows your business and your customers better than you do. We want your input so we’ll better understand your business, your objectives, your product or service, your target market, and their online behaviour.

This in-depth consultation will enable us to properly assess the situation and start our methodology, as you see below:


  • Needs Assessment
  • Research
  • Strategy and Planning
  • Implementation
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Measurement, Feedback, & Analysis
  • Continuous Testing

Summary of What We Do

Account Setup

For starters, we will set up your Remarketing account with Google AdWords. We can also create and install the remarketing tag code, as well as set the pages that will be triggers to retarget users.

Remarketing List Creation

The secret to retargeting is clustering your prospects into the right list or audience. A remarketing list is a collection of cookies from people who visited a website. This is the list you’d target your ads to that is based on the defined pages that they visited. Creating the list is one of the most important steps in setting up a remarketing campaign.

 Banner Text Creation, Alignment (For Approval)

Remarketing banner ads will be created to reflect your branding and key messages to effect brand recall to maximise impressions and/or with a call to action to influence high click through rates. Your banner ads will be aligned to your existing landing pages for high coherence and relevancy to promote higher conversion rates.

Testing of Banner Ads, Landing Pages

With split testing, two or more ads are tested side by side to determine which performs better at a specific metric, allowing us to make improvements as necessary. Testing banner ads allows you to be aware of what works and what doesn’t on your PPC campaign. We also test landing pages to see what converts visitors to customers at a higher rate.

Conversion Tracking

We setup conversion tracking with Google Analytics.

Budget Management

We setup your desired budget and make sure that we make the best out of it and that you do not go over budget spend for the month.

Existing Customer Targeting

With a list targeting rule, you may target existing customers visiting your website with remarketing banner ads with messaging aimed at retaining them.


Contact Redback Web Solutions for an in-depth consultation to how remarketing can help your business.


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We engaged Redback Web Solutions to assist us to integrate social media into our sales and marketing strategy. Their focus and smart approach captured our needs and Redback tailored a cost effective solution that we implemented and it is showing some great results. I couldn’t recommend the Redback team highly enough. Their effective and practical social media strategy worked for us and has made a measurable difference to our business.

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Donna Marklew Bay Gallery

Steve and the Redback Web Solutions team have done amazing work in establishing our company’s digital marketing strategy. The creativeness and concepts they brought were outstanding. Redback take their profession very seriously but their personable approach made our working relationship very enjoyable.

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Nick Clements Urban Group

Redback helped us make the redevelopment of our website and implementation of a marketing plan much easier. They helped us formulate an approach that guided us through the project after actively listening to staff and stakeholders. We truly enjoyed working with them. They were supportive, proactive and knowledgeable.

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Paulene Mulhall Ice Box Australia

I’m so happy with the service and support from Redback. Questions regarding billing, sales or support are always answered promptly, and the tech support is just fantastic. Our website and online store has been live now for almost 12 month without any downtime at all. Very impressive.

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