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Email MarketingSocial Media has become an important part of the internet and online marketing scene – especially in the last few years, so how has social media impacted email marketing, and is email marketing still relevant in a world full of social networks?

There are an increasing number of social media networks that, at one time or another, may dominate internet traffic. Of course, marketing via social media has increased too, which is obvious since so many consumers and customers spend so much time on these social media sites. But does it make sense for you to allocate all of your marketing resources to social media? Not at all! Email marketing is still a critical part of any complete marketing strategy. Of course, in the new world of Social media, you need to combine your email marketing and social media marketing strategies together to meet different goals.

Email Marketing Still Provides the Best Return on Investment

The reality is – it doesnt matter how big the social media networks have become, email marketing still has the greatest return on investment.

This makes sense when you think about how little overhead or time it can take to send an extremely targeted email to a very specific group of customers or users. If for no other reason than because you are a smart business person who appreciates the importance of a strong Return on Investment (ROI), email marketing should be at the top of your list as an important communications channel.

Consumers and Users Do Not Switch Email Addresses – But They Do Migrate Social Media

Do you remember MySpace? What? You don’t? But that was just a handful of years ago when MySpace was the most popular destination on the internet (other than Google) and everybody had a MySpace profile and spent hours every day on the dominant social media site. Then, of course, Facebook arrived and became wildly more popular. At the moment, it seems unthinkable that anything would take over Facebook’s position, but it’s entirely possible that, in the not to distant future, Google Plus will be the social network that everybody spends all of their time on. If there is one thing that seems to be true of social media, it is that users will eventually migrate to another social network.

That, however, is not true of email addresses. Certainly, sometimes people change their email address. But more frequently they simply add a secondary email address and use their older email address less often or for different purposes. The reason that Hotmail remains the largest web-based email service in the world is because it is the oldest, and, even if they don’t check it daily, most people still check their old Hotmail address at least periodically.

An email address isn’t as permanent as a postal address, but once you have a customer’s email address, you have a fairly assured way of getting a message in front of that customer. Changing email addresses is cumbersome. You need to notify all of the people whom you email with regularly and you lose what is often an emotional email history. Unlike social media, which have so far proven to be transient at best, an email address is an almost assured way to be able to reach most customers or users eventually if not immediately.

Messages Don’t Disappear from Inboxes

Once you send an email marketing message to a consumer, customer or user, that message remains in that individual’s email inbox until the individual either reads it or actively chooses to delete it. That means that even if the user hasn’t read the email, your email subject line is still there in the inbox reminding the user of their relationship with your brand.

A message on a social media is not permanent. Once you post a message, you are reliant on your user or consumer being logged into the social media in a time frame that allows them to see the posting. No matter how many times per day your business updates Facebook or Twitter, you may not get the message across to a large group of your desired consumers. However, whether it’s actually read or not, email gets to your user or customer and reminds them of their relationship with you.

Any good marketing plan is a comprehensive marketing plan. That means that your email marketing and social media platform should work together. There should be opportunities for users to share email contents via social media networks and opportunities for users to join your email marketing list via social media. One strategy does not mean that the other strategy doesn’t need to exist. However, the existence of social media networks certainly does not take away the need for a strong email marketing program and strategy!

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