12 Sep

Quick Site Indexing – SEO Secrets

Getting listed quickly in search engines is something every website owner wants to do.

Lots of site owners don’t really know how to do this, and know very little about SEO or Search Engine Optimisation, though.

Fortunately for them, there are several ways to getting listed quickly, all of which we will go over in this article. These ways include submitting the URL, using keywords, using links, and using blogs to get listed quickly.

Site Indexing for SEO

Tip #1: Submit your URL manually to search engines

Search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo all have options for you to manually submit your site. Before submitting, however, it is important to make sure of the following:

1. All pages on your site are complete. Search engine spiders won’t touch incomplete sites.
2. Your site is not full of spam and/or excessive use of keywords. Yet again, spiders won’t touch spam sites, which means your site will be skipped over if it contains lots of spam.

When you submit the site, make sure to submit it only once to each search engine. Submitting multiple times to the same search engine will get you nowhere. In fact, they might keep your site from ever having a chance at being listed on the search engine.

For more information on Search Engine Optimisation, visit our SEO Page or contact us for how we can work further with you to fully optimise your site to get the best results in the shortest possible time.

Tip #2: Use keywords to get spiders to come to your site

Search engine spiders absolutely love sites with good, well-placed and well-used keywords and key phrases. In other newsletters, we have covered the correct use of keywords and
key phrases, so you might already be familiar with it. If not, we’ll briefly touch on it right now.

Keywords are words that are used frequently on a site that search engines look for. The key to correct usage of keywords is to make them fit naturally throughout a piece of content and not look like spam. Before writing your content for your site, take a second to decide what the content is about. Then make a list of keywords or key phrases that seem to fit with the topic at hand. Next, write the content and try to sprinkle in the keywords or key phrases throughout the content in a natural, non-distracting way. When you are done writing the content, you should count the number of keywords or key phrases. Then divide
that by the total number of words in content. If the number you get is between 1-3%, you’re good to go. If it’s below 1%, try to naturally add in keywords or key phrases. If it’s above 5%, try to take out keywords or key phrases. Aim for the perfect balance of between 1 and 3%.

Tip #3: Use links

Having another site link to you will make spiders that visit the first site come to your site as a result of the link. Many owners of sites related to yours are happy to post a link to
your site on their links page. Some might require what is called “reciprocal linking”. This basically means that if they place a link to your site on their page, they want you to return the favor by posting a link to their page on your site. Doing so helps both sites better gain the attention of search engine spiders and helps them both to get listed quickly.

Tip #4: Install a blog on your site

Blogs are extremely popular and quickly listed by search engines. Places like Google are known to index (or list a site/blog) far faster than they list regular websites. Blogs
are listed by search engines like Google within days of being created, whereas it can take weeks and months for search engines to notice a site.

Installing a blog on your site is really easy. All you have to do is install a program such as WordPress on your website and then use that to make blog postings. If you run a sports site, for instance, you could try making twice a week posts on the blog about sports news. Doing so will help your site as a whole get noticed quicker by search engines.

We build the majority of sites using Word Press and we thoroughly recommend building a Mobile Responsive Website .

If you apply just one of the tips above to your website, you will get listed more quickly than expected.

Creating a blog on your website is quicker than ever before. Do it today and watch how quickly and effortlessly your site gets listed on search engines!

If you need help building your website or assistance with your SEO contact Redback Web Solutions or visit our Website Development Page.

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