08 Mar

Can I Get on the Page 1 of Google without a Website?

Historically , using the local paper or a business index was the right way to go when advertising a small business.

Brisbane SEOBut times have moved on seriously. Barely anybody uses paper directories any more to find your business, and the local paper isn’t just expensive, but really hit and miss (in contrast to what they guarantee). Your clients are using smartphones nowadays to find companies and services – more than they use PCs now – and they use them irrespective of whether they’re driving, dining, watching television or simply laying in bed. Regardless of whether you have got a presence across online directories, you have to make sure you have got a powerful web presence and are found in search.

When potential customers look for your services, they need be able to find you in one or two clicks. Google is the primary search site for over ninety percent of mobile or PC users globally and if your customers are searching for you on Google and cant find your business you are possibly losing plenty of sales.

So the question is, “Can I get on Page 1 of Google without a Website?”

These days online directories claim to have come up with the answer for that by saying they can get small businesses on the first page of Google without the need and cost of their own website and paying for Search Engine Optimisation. What they neglect to inform you is that in order to get improved exposure you need to pay for their premium services (which in most cases are far more expensive than a basic SEO package), but the main stumbling block is that the directories also showcase your competitors as well.

They are first and foremost promoting their own website, followed by a series of adverts from their highest paying customers to the lowest paying ones. Their highest get priority placement.

By having your own website, and own SEO – means YOU and only you control which of your competition show at the top of your web page. Of course – you wouldn’t want any competitors would you!

So to answer the question – Yes you could still show on Page 1 of Google without having a website, however it wouldn’t make very sound business sense. For the small investment that a quality Mobile Responsive Website can make, the returns to you business are very rewarding.

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