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24 Sep 2013

Keyword Rich Articles for SEO

The struggle between easy to read grammatically correct articles and quality keyword seeding should not exist at all.

Search Engine Optimisation ArticlesSearch engines such as Google are able to figure out the relevance of the content on your website to a user’s search query. Therefore, an article filled with a jumble of keywords for the sake of listing keywords, will have lesser relevance than a well-written article containing fewer keywords, and will rank lower.

Website owners who need SEO articles regularly require grammatically correct keyword seeded articles from SEO writers like Brisbane SEO Company Redback Web Solutions. The more we read and write about how the major search engines function, and how they list relevance with a high search result ranking, the more we strive to place quality content writing above keyword saturation.

By having relevant articles on your website outlining your products, ideas or services, you get more chances you have of directing the right kind of surfer traffic to your website. Of course, this will mean a decrease in bulky less relevant traffic, however, as a search engine user, it is very annoying to see search results that have no connection to what I need to find.

Admittedly, many web masters incorrectly prefer a stack of bulk traffic over highly relevant web traffic. The more the merrier they say – so to speak. In our experience, surfing the web without any purpose becomes tedious, and it gets even more tedious as your experience search engines grow. Nowadays, I specifically surf the web with a purpose in mind – knowing exactly the sort of information or product I am looking for, and try to find it quickly on page 1 or the search results.

It always helps to find what I need faster if the descriptive content of the website is relevant to my search. Having a nicely composed descriptive article about the idea or object I am seeking will make the website more useful to me. If the website has been informative and usable, I will more than likely return there again to see if there is something else that I need.

In having very relevant and descriptive articles, your website satisfies two totally different necessities. The most important necessity for you would be a high ranking website in the search results. The lesser, and often sometimes unnoticed necessity, is that of having satisfied your customer.

The more relevant that your content is, the more chances you have of being able to direct good quality traffic (your target market) to your website. The percentage of people who actually click through and buy your product will definitely increase as opposed to a decrease in just passing through or wrong turn traffic. In counterpoint, the more relevant that your traffic becomes, the higher your sales figures go up.

Targeting traffic that isn’t really interested in your website serves very little if any purpose at all. I definitely don’t remember the name of a website that has nothing of what I need. Memory retention of the name of a website by people is very much minimal unless it has served the purpose the visitor wanted. Furthermore, to be redirected to an irrelevant website by a search engine is very annoying. Websites that bombard their content with nothing but keywords are now getting penalised and banned by search engines so they avoid sending people to the wrong place.

How would you feel if directory assistance gave you the wrong telephone number? Naturally, the supervisor at directory assistance will reprimand the operator who gave the wrong number. It’s the same thing with search engines and websites. Search engines are trying to provide Internet surfers with good quality service in order to gain more traffic. The more traffic they have, the more expensive their advertising space can become. When a webmaster abuses their system so that  traffic is directed to his website, the search engines react in a negative way towards this site.

For expert content creation and website design that the search engines love – have a consultation with Redback Web Solutions today about creating you a Mobile Responsive Website with Great Content.

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24 Sep 2013

Choosing the Best Keywords

These days, our need for knowledge, information, everyday necessities and novelty materials can be found just with one single click after entering a keyword in a search engine.

keywords seo brisbaneIt’s no surprise that more and more people prefer to surf the internet rather than go to a library or shopping center to look for or buy what they want. More and more people use search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing to help them go directly to the website that contains what they need.

This trend sparked a revolution in Internet marketing strategies and Search Engine Optimisation Methods. Webmasters of sites compete with each other to have their sites placed in the top 10 search results of a user’s searches. Various software programs were also created to boost the chances of high search engine rankings. Some of these programs even tried to cheat a high ranking out of the search engine even when the website itself contains nothing of interest to the user.

As more and more web masters arm themselves with rank boosting software, the effectiveness of their efforts begin to plummet so much so that they may find themselves back to where they started or even worse off.  In order to regain their rankings – new methods of SEO became necessary.
Brisbane SEO Company Redback Web Solutions advises that one of these methods is the saturation of keywords on a single article. The entire philosophy of keywords hinged on their relevance to the content that the user is searching for. For example, in searching for a Ford car, what search strings would the customer enter? How many of those search strings will match the keywords? The more a search string matches your site or article’s keywords, the higher you potentially place on a search engine result page. Keywords have become to be such a major concern that Redback Web Solutions which offer search engine optimisation (SEO) services are now constantly being engaged by businesses wishing to improve their website rankings in the search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.

The first result that comes out of a search engine is usually the website that contains the most similar number of keywords in the exact same order as the search. For instance, if I used “DIY Wi-Fi antenna” for my search string, the search engine will look for the exact same words and word placement. Now, if I type the word “ask” and perform my search using Google, the common result would be ask.com. Notice how the search engine immediately went for the website with the domain name (ask.com) that matched my query. On the other hand, if I type “asked”, Google still comes out with the ask.com webpage as its top search result. It’s all about relevance.

To be able to fully utilise your website’s potential as a top search result item, you need to focus your website’s content towards the product or idea you want to promote. If you cannot have the .com or .com.au name, you will then need to rely more on keyword optimisation to help you with your search engine rankings.

You should consult Redback Web Solutions to tell you which keywords to use. You should think about your product or idea and think of how you would look for it on the Internet using one of the major search engines. What would a customer  type into Google to find your product

Keywords will not work for you if you keep them generic. Most customers log onto the Internet already knowing exactly what they need or want. Remember, these shoppers can’t hold or examine the merchandise in your online store,  so they want to find out about them first hand before they actually buy. When they do decide to buy, they have a specific idea and product in mind. They will use this idea as their search string field in the search engines. If you have multiple products, you need to be able to generate a fair amount of literature containing very specific and relevant keywords for each of your merchandise items. If you choose to limit your business to a certain geographical area, be sure to include the name of your chosen location into your keyword base, and perhaps even surrounding suburbs.

As part of any web consultation such as a Website Audit Report, SEO Campaign or PPC Advertising, Redback Web Solutions does the keyword research for you. This also happens when we build or re-build a website, we keep the critical keywords in mind so that your site is fully optimised for the search engines.

Keep in mind that you also need to take care of the literature or articles you produce for your business. Make sure that they contain the necessary keyword count. Do not sacrifice the quality of your articles for the sake of keywords. Always present a detailed, literate and informative article. For more information about keyword density view our blog post on Articles and Keywords for SEO.

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24 Sep 2013

Articles and Keywords for SEO

Keywords or phrases are tools used in Search Engine Optimisation and Internet marketing to achieve better rankings in search engines.

Articles and Keywords for SEOAt a certain point in time, many webmasters abused this system by saturating the content of their websites with keywords in the hope to be able to achieve a high ranking. However, this resulted in search engine users getting results that had no relevance whatsoever to the search string or query that was submitted by them. To combat this abuse, search engines such as Google, developed algorithms to decipher which websites have relevant content and which websites did not. Now, the whole focus for keyword utilisation has shifted to content rich articles that include a a keyword ratio average of about 12% of the whole article.

The whole reason for this shift in keyword utilisation stems from the fact that the big search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing, track and record the abuse of keywords. If you happen to have an article of 500 words containing nothing but the word “porn”, chances are your site
will be banned from ranking in the search engines.

This shift has also created a whole new industry in writing quality content. You will definitely be able to get a few odd jobs writing search engine optimised (SEO) articles if you have a good understanding of what is required.

The key to writing good SEO articles is to be true and accurate to the subject at hand. Make sure that your SEO article contains relevant accurate information and a substantial proportion of the specific keywords scattered throughout the article. Include the keyword or phrase in the title of your article wherever possible. Include a minimum of 2 keywords or phrases in the beginning and in the ending paragraphs of your article as well. Finally, scatter keywords in the body of your article throughout quality sentences. If you have a 500 word article, then as a guide, a minimum of 1 keyword or phrase per
paragraph in the text body is recommended.

Write your article for your human readers, not for the sake of search engines and make it a simple to understand as possible. As you go on with your article, utilise your keywords when you describe your product and when you give out specific instructions on how to use the product. Write some background information about how the product came into existence and how it has developed through the years. You can also cite instances where the product has been particularly useful to you or to someone you know.

When writing the article, do not force the keywords upon readers, they must flow naturally. Your articles must be literate, easy and reasonably entertaining or enlightening to read. Some writers sacrifice grammar for the sake of placing a keyword. Don’t use that method. When searchers are directed to an article of yours and it contains bad spelling or poor grammar, keyword overuse or stuffing, and generally sloppy composition, they might decide to look for another article or website that contains more nicely written content.

If you are unable to compose your own articles because of time constraints, you can use Redback Web Solutions‘ article writers who will do the job for you. Prices for an original Search Engine Optimised article containing 500 to 750 words range anywhere from $15 to $40 depending on the level of research required. Just be sure to communicate well with Redback Web Solutions so that we fully understand what you require.  Be cautious if you come across a writer offering his service rather cheaply, don’t rush in and call yourself lucky. The best way to be sure that you have found a cheap but quality conscious writer is to have them provide one relevant article to you. In exchange you will pay them for that one article and use it as criteria for judging their overall writing ability for your website.

Try writing an article yourself before hiring it out to someone else, as you know your product better than anyone, and you of all people should know how the article should read. When in doubt, contact Redback Web Solutions for a consultation.

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